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About Fleet Electric

Here at Fleet Electric we are passionate about all things electric and all things leasing. We see the future of motoring as electric and the way to get there as leasing.

The world is changing with electric and ultra-low emission vehicles becoming more and more prevalent and no longer only bought by the early adopters, electric vehicles are the future.

Along with the technological advancements in motoring, the way people and businesses are buying cars is changing too, no longer being set on owning their cars outright and identifying the financial benefits of purchasing on finance or lease. Leasing is fast becoming the way to drive a brand-new car and with Fleet Electric that way is the electric way.

Richard Markey - Fleet ElectricIn 2020 and after 8 years with Mitsubishi Motors, Managing Director Richard started Fleet Electric to help businesses understand the benefits of electric vehicles and support the adoption of electric cars and vans through leasing. In a world of limited resources and compounding climate change, Richard wanted to use his knowledge and experience in both electric vehicles and corporate business leasing to help accelerate the UK’s transition to net zero.

During Richards tenure at Mitsubishi Motors, the UK's leading plug-in vehicle manufacturer, Richard had responsibilities for UK corporate, daily rental, public sector and specialist vehicle sales in his role as a Corporate Sales Manager. He then later went on to become the Product Planning Manager with responsibilities for Mitsubishi’s UK product and pricing strategies, including electric vehicles, and its UK and EU vehicle and emissions compliance.

As part of his role as Product Planning Manager, Richard developed key and lasting relationships with the Governments Office for Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV), Department for Transport (DfT) and electric vehicle charging manufacturers. This experience uniquely places him in the perfect position to advised businesses and help facilitate the uptake of electric cars and vans. Fleet Electric is also a Bridle franchise.

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